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Our corn is dried and cleaned making it very well suited for corn burning stoves and automatic feeders.

Please read the following article to learn about burning corn for heat

Burning your Corn Stove is Perfect for You and the Environment

New Jersey Shelled corn
$8.00 per 50 lb bag
Price Effective 10/15/2013
Pick-up Only
Available year round. Excellent for feed and corn burning stoves.
For ordering information please call us at 908-689-7306 or send an email to
293 Mountain View Rd W, Asbury, NJ
Corn may be nature's only perfect fuel. It produces oxygen as it grows and needs no special processing or pelletizing before use. It is nature's perfect pellet fuel. A near pure food and pure fuel, corn burns virtually smoke free, odor free, ash free, and pollutant free. It produces no dangerous creosote in your vent pipes, no waste product, and it requires no chimney…a corn stove requires only a clothes dryer-style vent through the wall. Burn corn and you emit no more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than if it were left in the field to decay or fed to animals. Using a corn stove or furnace will produce the very same three things that you produce every day as you breathe out: carbon dioxide, moisture, and HEAT! (Lots of heat in this case!) If everyone would burn corn rather than wood, the blue-gray haze of wood smoke over our neighborhoods every winter morning would be gone! Other great advantages of corn are that it is inexpensive and plentiful. Sound perfect to you? Keep reading!

Daily Maintenance is Quick and Easy!
Fifty pounds of corn will produce in the burner a small 'clinker', which is a porous chunk about six inches square and three inches thick. It is pure potash that can be easily removed and discarded into your garden to enhance the soil. In less than 10 minutes you can remove the clinker and refill the built in hopper with corn and then enjoy maintenance free operation until the next time to refill --which might be 4 days later! (It’s said that a handful of oyster shells per 75 lbs. of corn can prevent clinkers from forming.) There are no messy ashes to deal with as is the case with a pellet or wood stove.

Cheaper by far than most alternatives!

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