Chocolate Puppies

Puppy Photos

These photos display our adult dogs as well as some photos of our puppies. There are also some photos that our clients have sent to us over the years:


                 Tugger "Mcgraw" Sigler                                                  Jersey Sigler

                                                            A 2009 Litter

                 Newborns                                                       Skeeter


                                                         Newborn Christmas Puppies

                                                                  Rufus Oldham


                         Isabella Dean                                                  Audie Whitehead


                  Bailey Francis                                                       Blaze Shaefer and Friend


                        Bo Foye                                                                  Brandy and Buster Coletti


                             Charlie Duda                                                 Coco Kearney and Family


              Hazie Allen and Family                                              Isabella Buchanan


                         Jake Paolino                                                                  Lily Kithcart


                  Maggie Krulikowski                                                       Mike Holmes


                   Misty Nehrings                                                             Quentin Stanek


                              Stewart Morse                                                                     Tate Raborn


                        Toby Kithcart                                                                 Toby Simmons


          Dublin Reed and pal Murphy                                                     Bear Veale


                         Lucy Garretson                                                   Duke Thorne and Friend

          Cassie Sterling & Hazie Allen                                            Buddy Grimes

              Buster & Jason Mundy                                                    Duke DeLosso


                   Sadie Vetter                                                              Winnie Visicaro    


                                      Dixie Butcavage                                                       Abby Freyermuth


                          Jersey Mechan                                               Tugger Jr Schonheiter


                                 Reese Nunn                                                     Jon & Charlie Brown Wirkus


                      Madison Makin                                                                     Mel Woolf


                    Dragon Micheletti                                                                     Nina Buchanan


                                Ellie Stone                                                                Molly Vittoria

                                    Bailey Lineburg





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